Monday, January 26, 2015

Most Energetic Way to Start a New Day!


Hey Guys! Ever thought what could be the most energetic way to start a day?

Right after one opens the eyes, his mind is in a state of emptiness and void.... totally silent
and unperturbed. This is the time when one should be very vigilant to his thinking pattern. And,
must let only positive communication to begin within oneself!

I gave some thought to this question, and came up with an idea that most of you would
probably burst in laughter hearing...  :D , yes, its lil crazyyyy! ;) would suggest people try this at their own risk!

Its Kick up Jump!!!!
Extremely enthusiastic and full of zest!!


Pre requisite: One must know how to do it, and must have been able to do it quite recently;
                        and, a period of about 180 seconds rolling the body to mentally prepare, and get some                                     pace and momentum for the jump!

I think its most Awesome way to start a day with! If you do not know how to do it,
there is an Awesome Tutorial by FightTIPS on Youtube... (video below). Its really inspiring!!
If you wish to learn, do refer it! I am planning to make one tutorial myself soon, with special attention to the pre jump warm-up required for the stunt. Stay Tuned :)

Please share your views, and if you think there could be any other joyful way to kick start the day! :)
(Note: only people who have mastered the art of kick ups before may try this exercise in the morning...acrobatic skills required! Moreover, body muscles, especially after sleep are not strong enough to stretch in force, and land perfectly, which is where the real challenge is! )

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Solitude for Intellect

There is a sequence in 2012 (the movie), where the young philosopher meets Buddha. Buddha talks with the Philosopher about his ideas.He tries to show the Philosopher truth, and get him to think from a different perspective, but the philosopher refuses to do so. He only sees things in his own way. So, Buddha offers Philosopher, a cup of tea. Buddha fills the cup and keeps pouring, the tea until it spills out over the table. Philosopher says, "Wait! The cup is full! It cannot hold any more!" Buddha says "This cup is like your mind. It is full of your own opinions and prejudices. There is no space for anything else. You will never learn to have other perspectives until you empty the cup first."
                    We have our own ideas and prejudices about life. Many of them are misconceptions. Whatever we see around us, whatever we hear, makes an impact on our minds. These very things  that get imbibed in our mind, make our mindset and attitude. Isn't there a lot of chaos around us? I would say 'noise' rather. Noise, the unwanted electromagnetic or electrical energy that degrades the quality of signals and data.' The noise around us, and within us, makes our life complicated. Indecisiveness, poor thinking patterns, inability to achieve goals, are all, the after effects of the noise within us. The question that arises next is: "Can we have a mechanism that can clear the noise and improve the quality of signals that our brain functions upon? Are there ways to deal with things effectively to eradicate the most basic causes of day to day failures? In order to make life more fulfilling, happy, successful, and worthwhile, is there something that we can really rely upon?


                    Well, i think we can rely on one thing for sure.Its our own thinking. We can rely on our very own thoughts, and ideas! However, in this rapidly changing world, does one get a chance to take a deep dive in the well of his mind to fetch a bucket of wisdom from inside? If we even become 1% wise than we were yesterday, we can see our life changing very fast. To experience this, however, we need to think in 'solitude'. The best things in life, the best ideas come to mind, when we are away from the noise, the chaos of the world. What makes us grow? Physical, mental and spiritual exercise; right? In order to have what we want to have, we must first 'be' what we should 'be'. We need peace. For, it is the solution to all the problems in life. Peace is so powerful; a step taken at peaceful times is 100 times more yielding than the one taken in hurry and with a confused mind. If we do this, if we can find some time to be alone, away from world's problems, away from all the chaos and delusions, we could lead ourselves and get what we want out of life. In urban cities, and in our busy lives, we don't generally get an opportunity to go to a nice, quiet, beautiful place and sit for a while to vacate our mind from useless stuff.We have got so busy being busy, that we have forgotten to breathe! It is an involuntary process, isn't it?! If we need peace, we need solitude. Away from the buildings, traffic, and misconceptions of life,
                    Lets get real! lets do what we truly want to, lets be what we truly dream to be!! :)
If you agree, please share your thoughts!